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the aesthetic ate my homework

handsome devil
24 May 1984
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abortion rights, adrenaline, adult swim, appropriation of property, bananafish, batman, bed, bikini kill, bill hicks, bitch magazine, biting knees, black eyeliner, blood, blueblack hair, booths in diners, burning, cannibalism, capes, coffee shop conversations, collages, collecting heads, coney island, crunchy salted peanut butter, cty, daiquiris, daydreaming, dimensional collages, dirty haikus, dismantling patriarchy, doctor octagon, donnie darko, drawing stars compulsively, duct tape, erratic shower habits, escapism, eyelashes, eyes, fake accents, fake blood, fetish porn, food coloring, food not bombs, get your war on, girls, glasses, google searches, grilled cheese sandwiches, h.r. giger, half-price seasonal candy, handcuffs, hardware stores, irony, j.d. salinger, james joyce, jeff buckley, jello biafra, jenny shimizu, jhu, jill sobule, joelen, jorge luis borges, juxtaposition, kissing after oral sex, lace, le tigre, lingerie over clothing, lsd, macy gray, magnetic fields, making lists, making people uncomfortable, making up classification systems, mannequin heads, max's mom, mescaline, microwaved pants, mocha, neurotica, nonsensical humor, nyc, old buildings, other people's beds, oversleeping, peeling tangerines, philosophical masturbation, pickup lines, pies, pinstripes, placentophagy, plaid, pokey the penguin, psychology, red nailpolish, richard brautigan, salvador dali, science mags, sealab 2021, secret societies, self-actualization, shaving my head, shoulders, shower mohawks, skeptopotamus, sleeping on couches, sleepovers, stargazing, stretching, striped hats, stuy, sugar highs, surrealism, sushi trays, tegan and sara, the germs, the pixies, theoretical physics, thrift stores, ties, tofu, trains, tresspassing, troma movies, uniball pens, vampire myths, vietnamese food, vinyl, violent femmes, vladimir nabokov, wesley willis, writing on my body, x-ray spex